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 I. Vocabulary and Structure

  1. —Bill, if it doesn't rain, we can go straight on and spend more time in Vienna.

  — c I just want to hear Mozart.

  A. Well done ! B. No problem.

  C. That' s great ! D. That' s it.

  2. —Excuse me, do you have the time?

  — C

  A.Yes, I do B.Of course, I have

  C.Aquarter to ten D.No problem

  3. —Will you join us in the game?

  —Thank you, B

  A.but why not? B.but I’d rather not.

  C.and I won’t D.and I’ll join.

  4. —I’ve studied growing plants as one of my interests. Could I make some suggestions?

  — ___B___.

  A. You will make it B. Go right ahead.

  C. Don’t mention it D. Take it easy

  5. .—Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the British Museum?

  —Sorry, I'm a stranger here.


  A. Thanks anyway B. It doesn't matter

  C. Never mind D. No problem.

  6. Researchers have only succeeded in marking off fragmentary stretches of DNA. D

  A. combined B. single C. connected D. disconnected

  7. Companies now have an incentive to file more selective applications. A

  A. motivation B. excitement C. amusement D. pressure

  8. The sloppy reasoning of the speaker disappointed his supporters. D

  A. plain B. discontinuous C. inconsistent D. careless

  9. After three years of efforts, the scientists got _____A__ further than isolating a single gene with a single known function.

  A. no B. Never C. seldom D. not

  10. There is still _______B about Lawrence’s novels.

  A. competition B. controversy C. contention D. contest

  11. Some films have a misleading _____ A on children.

  A. effect B. affect C. fault D. deficiency

  12. Global warming is likely to _____ C a series of unpleasant effects.

  A. double B. fasten C. trigger D. alleviate

  13. That young man still denies _______C the fire behind the store.

  A. start B. to start C. having started D. to have started

  14. ______ C receiving financial support from family, community or the government is allowed, it is never admired.

  A. As B. Once C. Although D. Lest

  15. I’d rather have a room of my own, however small it is, than _______A a room with someone else.

  A. share B. to share C. sharing D. to have shared

  16. American football and baseball are becoming known to the British public through televised ____D___ from the United States.

  A. transfer B. deliveries C. transportation D. transmissions

  17. Most broadcasters maintain that TV has been unfairly criticized and argue that the power of the medium is _____C__ .

  A. granted B. implied C. exaggerated D. remedied

  18. Philip Roth was ______B as a major new author in 1960.

  A. published B. hailed C. guided D. supposed

  19. A _____ B number of books on this subject are in the library.

  A. little B. limited C. tiny D. low

  20. The river dried up during the hot _C______.

  A. period B. fit C. scorcher D. spell

  21. Daylight ______ B long in the summer time.

  A. lingers B. stays C. hovers D. persists

  22. An electronic message snapped his concentration. B

  A. caused to lose concentration suddenly B. broke off

  C. ceased D. stopped

  23. It is vital for parents to supervise teens as well as to teach them how to manage time. B

  A. prior B. very important C. fatal D. superior

  24. The solid particles were filtered ____ C ____ before the solution was used.

  A. out B. over C. off D. on

  25. I had a bizarre taste, which I acquired playing football games. D

  A. odd B. unconventional C. special D. extra

II. Cloze

  There are 10 blanks in the following passage(s). For each blank there are five choices marked A, B, C, D and E. Choose the ONE that best fits into the passage(s).

  In Britain, a student who receives further full-time education after the age of eighteen, either at a university or at a teachers’ training college or at some other college giving training of a 36 C type, can usually receive a grant from the public authorities to cover his expenses, or most of them, unless his parents have a large income. But the number of young people who can 37 A universities is limited by the capacity of the universities, which is 38 B than enough to take all the young people who have the basic qualifications for university admission. In practice, therefore, entry to the universities is competitive. But university degree courses are also 39 D at polytechnics, and entry to the Open University is less restricted.

  The academic year begins after the summer holidays and is divided into three “terms”, with the 40 B between them formed by the Christmas and Easter holidays. The exact dates of the holidays vary from area to area, 41 A in general about two weeks at Christmas and Easter, plus often a week or more at Whitsun, and six weeks in the summer, beginning rather late. Schools outside the state system decide on their own holiday 42 B , generally taking a month off at Christmas and Easter and eight weeks in the summer. The three terms are not everywhere called by the same names; indeed 43D schools call the January-March period “the Spring Term”, others use “Spring Term” for the period April-July. Some call the January term “Winter Term” (which is logical), others call it “Easter Term”.

  Day-schools mostly work Monday to Friday only, from about 9 44 A to between 3 and 4 p.m. Lunch is provided and parents pay for it unless they prove to the authorities that they cannot well afford 45 C . All primary school children, including those in independent schools, were given milk free of charge until 1970 when the Government abolished this benefit.

  36. A. particular B. especial C. special D. peculiar

  37. A. enter B. admit C. go in D. come in

  38. A. more B. less C. much D. little

  39. A. capable B. possible C. probable D. available

  40. A. turns B. intervals C. rounds D. times

  41. A. being B. doing C. having D. getting

  42. A. days B. dates C. periods D. ages

  43. A. lots B. any C. many D. some

  44. A. a.m. B. p.m. C. B.C. D. A.D.

  45. A. down B. off C. to D. from

III. Reading Comprehension

  Passage 1

  On the fourth Thursday in November, Americans celebrate the feast of Thanksgiving. This feast is a time when the family comes together for a meal and gives thanks to God for the blessings they have received. The first thanksgiving feast was celebrated by the early American settlers who started the feast to give thanks to God for their good harvest.

  In America thanksgiving is the family holiday. It is on that holiday that all the family members make a special effort to gather together . The feast is always held on Thursday and most people have a four-day holiday from school and work. Thus they are able to travel a great distance to be with their family.

  The thanksgiving meal is traditionally turkey which was a large bird valued as food for the first time. The table is filled with fruits, walnuts and many types of vegetables. For the sweet dish the main choice is usually pumpkin pie. The meal is a time for the members of the family to talk to each other. There will be talking before the meal, during the meal and long after the meal.

  On thanksgiving morning there are in many cities sporting events and parades to mark the day. The family dinner is usually held in the afternoon around 4p.m. . The mother will prepare the meal and the father will carve the turkey. He will be seated at the head of the table. The meal will begin with a short prayer of thanksgiving to God for the blessings the family received. The father will also thank the family for coming together on this day. During the meal there is plenty of food for everyone present. The meal is a very joyful time. When the meal is finished some will help with the dishes and others will return to the living room to talk or watch television.

  In many ways the feast of thanksgiving is similar to the Chinese feast of Mid-Autumn Festival. It is the time for the family to gather together to give thanks and to share in meal.

  46. Thanksgiving is said to be the family holiday in America because ___B ___.

  A. each family has its own way of celebrating traditional holidays

  B. people will try to get back to be with their family wherever they are

  C. people celebrate this holiday only at home and abroad

  D. it is a holiday for those who have a family

  47. What is one similarity between thanksgiving and Mid-Autumn Festival in China?B

  A. They are celebrated at about the same time for the year.

  B. Family members make a special effort to gather together.

  C. People have the same traditional foods on both occasions.

  D. The celebration activities are more or less the same.

  48. What is best title for this passage? C

  A. Traditional holidays B. Thanksgiving and Mid-Autumn Festival

  C. Thanksgiving splendid meal D. History of thanksgiving

  49. There are plenty of foods mentioned in the passage for Thanks giving spend did meal except ___C____.

  A. turkeys B. vegetables C. cakes D. fruits

  50. What’s the symbol of the festival? D

  A. Sporting events B. parades C. an evening party D. both A and B

  IV. Translate the following sentences into English, using the words or expressions given in brackets.

  71. 科学家们已成功分离出具有单项已知功能的单个而明显的基因。(isolate, function)

  Scientists have successfully isolated individual apparent genes with single known function.

  72. 通讯技术的每一个进步都是人类交往的亲密程度的一种倒退。(advance, setback)

  The advance of communication technology is the setback of intimacy of human relationships.

  73. 这件事对我很有益,使我从此不再多愁善感。(keep from)

  This has benefited me, keeping me away from melancholy.

  74. 这些学生错误地以为,若他们讲得不像美国人,就是讲得不好,所以也就不敢讲。(falsely, accordingly, be fearful of)

  These students falsely perceive that, if they do not speak like Americans, they do not speak well, accordingly, they become fearful of speaking itself.

  75.使我感到惊奇的是,托玛斯太太的忠告真管事儿。(to my…)

  To my surprise, Mrs Thomas' advice is really helpful.

  V. Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

  76. It is impossible to identify and isolate an “English” culture that is common to all the speakers of English.


  77. A President should be imbued with a sense of responsibility for the nation.


  78. Parents can help teens focus by making education relevant to their lives and by understanding how they learn best.


  79. Science has developed no cure for envy, so our wealth boosts our happiness only briefly while shrinking that of our neighbors.


  80. At first they refused but I managed to bring them around to my way of thinking.