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I. Vocabulary and Structure

  1. — Hello! May I talk to the manager about the price?

  — A .

  A. Sorry, he is out at the moment B. No, you can’t

  C. Sorry, you can’t D. I don’t know

  2. —I’m terribly sorry that I made your table cloth dirty.


  A. Never mind B. Don’t mention it

  C. That’s right D. Sorry

  3. ― Do you mind if I open the window?

  ―___B___ I feel a bit cold.

  A. Of course not. B. I’d rather you didn’t.

  C. Go ahead. D. Why not?

  4. — Excuse me, sir. Where is Dr. Smith’s office?

  — D .

  A. You can’t ask me

  B. Good question

  C. Please don’t say so

  D. Sorry I don’t know, but you can ask the man over there

  5. — Good morning, sir. May I help you?

  — C .

  A. No, I don’t buy anything B. No, I don’t need your help

  C. Yes, I need some salt D. Oh, no. That’s Ok

  6. Since he left the university, he __A___ in an accounting company.

  A. has been working B. had worked

  C. had been working D. was working

  7. The weather in China is different from __C__.

  A. America B. in America C. that in America D. one in America

  8. It was not until dawn ___B__ their way out of the forest.

  A. when they found B. that they found

  C. did they find D. that they didn’t find

  9. __A__ he says or does won’t make me change my mind at all.

  A. Whatever B However C. Which D. How

  10. We all believe that it’d be hard for him to ___C__ extra responsibilities now.

  A. take apart B. take up C. take on D. take back

  11. We walked down the stairs instead ____B___ taking the elevator.

  A. in B. of C. for D. by

  12. Time and tide wait ____D_____ no man.

  A. by B. at C. on D. for

  13. Health ____C_____ on good food, fresh air and enough sleep.

  A. requires B. requests C. depends D. spends

  14. The last time I saw him he ____B____ of retiring at the end of the year.

  A. has been talking B. was talking C. has talked D. had talked

  15. The Dutch language is closely _____C____ to German.

  A. relevant B. relative C. related D. revealing

  16. D security, the door was chained as well as locked.

  A. In B. As C. With D. For

  17. I think of that movie ____B___ one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

  A. for B. as C. with D. to

  18. Just ____C____you hate Mr. Green, I dislike his wife.

  A. before B. while C. as D. when

  19. In manufacturing, cheaper materials are constantly being substituted ______A_____ the better, more expensive kind.

  A. for B. by C. with D. out

  20. A bad cold may ____A___ to pneumonia.

  A. lead B. cause C. result D. give

  21. The program aims to provide self-sufficiency C local needs.

  A. in B. on C. for D. with

  22. The change ____D____ his income.

  A. has enacted B. has infected C. has effected D. has affected

  23. Most adults who are learning a foreign language would disagree ____C____ the statement that it is unnecessary for them to be taught grammar.

  A. to B. up C. with D. at

  24. The nuclear family usually ____A____ two parents and their children.

  A. consists of B. composes of C. is consisted of D. made of

  25. The motor car has been _____C___ for many changes in the environment.

  A. tired B. bored C. responsible D. interesting

II. Cloze

  There are 10 blanks in the following passage(s). For each blank there are five choices marked A, B, C, D and E. Choose the ONE that best fits into the passage(s).

  In China it is relatively usual to ask people their age, but in the West this question is generally regarded as impolite. This is particularly true 36B women, and even more than 37A if the inquirer is a man.

  However, it is very 38 B to ask children their age, and some adults may not mind 39 A either. In fact, some elderly people are quite happy to 40 A their age, especially if they feel they look young41D their age. Nevertheless, it is not very wise to ask a(n)42 D question like "How old are you?". If elderly people want to talk about their age, and perhaps receive a compliment on how young they look, they may easily 43 Bthe topic themselves, and ask the other person to 44 A how old they are. 45B such a question, it is quite acceptable to discuss age in a free way. They normally expect to be complimented on their youthfulness, though rather than to be told that they look very old!

  36. A. on B. for C. in D. of

  37. A. that B. such C. than D. so

  38. A. average B. normal C. expected D. unusual

  39. A. being asked B. asking C. to ask D. to be asked

  40. A. release B. reflect C. reveal D. remark

  41. A. to B. with C. for D. at

  42. A. open B. strange C. impolite D. direct

  III. Reading Comprehension

  Passage 1

  Driving cars, trucks and motorcycles is an important part of our lives. We do it every day to get to work, to school or to friends' houses.

  Driving can be very convenient, but can also cause many problems. Waiting in line at a red light, a driver may get impatient and decide just to drive right through it. If another car is coming from the other direction, there might be a terrible accident. Cutting another car off can make its driver angry, so that driver cuts off someone else. Pretty soon everybody is angry, and impatient.

  Traffic accidents declare millions of lives every year worldwide. In Taiwan alone, over seven people are killed in accidents every day. The annual death rate (年死亡率) from traffic accidents in Taiwan is twice that of Japan.

  To allow traffic to move smoothly and safely, everybody must follow the rules. Before you drive, learn all the traffic laws. That way of driving is safe, convenient and even fun!

  46. The word “convenient ” in the passage means _____A___ .

  A. handy, easy to do

  B. that can be changed

  C. fond of drinking and merry-making

  D. carriages or other trucks

  47. If you cut another car off, its driver may be ____A___.

  A. impatient

  B .terrible

  C. angry

  D. both A and B

  48. The sentence " Traffic accidents declare millions of lives "means "____B___".

  A. Traffic accidents make some people become millionaires

  B. Many people die from traffic accidents

  C. Millions of people say they themselves have had traffic accidents

  D. Millions of people remain healthy after traffic accidents

  49.According to the passage, driving can be safe if _____A__.

  A. you are patient

  B. you obey all the traffic rules

  C. you don't cut another car off

  D. you wait in line at a red light

  50. Which of the following may be the best title for this passage? ___A____.

  A. Traffic Safety

  B. Careful

  C. How To Drive A Car

  D. A Traffic Accident

  IV. Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

  1. Some people who are very intelligent and successful in their fields find it difficult to succeed in language learning.


  2. The nuclear family usually consists of two parents (mother and father) and their children.


  3. How surprised the people who thought tomatoes poisonous would be if they could know that millions of pounds of tomatoes were supplied to soldiers overseas during World War II?


  4. The killing of insects has resulted in a loss of balance in the ecology.


  5. Rivers which used to be polluted by industrial chemical waste are now being cleaned.


  V. Translate the following sentences into English.

  1. 我和玛丽经常有分歧,但我们仍是好朋友。(disagree )

  Mary and I always disagree with eachother, but we are still good friends.

  2. 他虽受人尊敬,但并不被人喜爱。(while)

  He was respected by poeple, while not be loved

  3. 每个学生都渴望学好英语。(be eager to )

  Every student is eager to learn English well.

  4. 学校将为学生提供饮食。(provide)

  The school will provide diets for students

  5. 一辆破旧的公共汽车发出吱吱的响声,在车站慢慢地停下。(grind to a halt)

  A shabby bus creaked and ground to a halt at the station.

  43. A. bring about B. bring up C. bring along D. bring to

  44. A. guess B. know C. learn D. predict

  45. A. For B. With C. In D. On